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The REM 1750 duplex slitter rewinder converts thin gauge films utilizing programmed pneumatic rider rolls on the rewind to prevent air entrapment while winding to assure uniform-quality wound rolls. The REM 1750 is an extremely versatile general-purpose duplex slitter rewinder used for converting a variety of materials including paper, film, foil, laminates, label stocks, and many other products not requiring narrow slit widths.

  • Driven riding roll includes relieving system for controlling roll density throughout the winding cycle
  • Shear sliding element at the rear entrance of winder for easy knife access
  • Dual spreader roll system assures slit separation
  • Finished rolls unload to bucket for lowering to floor
  • Load cell tension control
  • Automatic edge guide system


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We are part of a family of web handling specialists; each with unique skills gained over years of experience. Together, we help the world’s leading manufacturers leverage texture and other process variables to make their products more effective and enhance their impact in the marketplace; from tissue, plastic films and nonwovens to heavy gauge embossed metal and everything in between.

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