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Early Intervention Program of Outagamie & Winnebago Counties

The Early Intervention (Birth to 3) Program provides comprehensive support to children under the age of three who have developmental delays or disabilities, and their families. Support is provided in the child’s home, childcare center or out in the community, wherever they normally spend their time. The focus is on supporting parents and caregivers and giving them the tools they need to help their children develop and learn. Services are provided using a team approach and include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, special instruction, and service coordination.

The earlier a child’s developmental delays are discovered, the more opportunities exist for children to increase their abilities. Did you know that a child’s brain is 90% developed by the time they turn age 5?  And the majority of that takes place even before the age of three.  The early years are crucial to a child’s learning! 

Are you concerned about a baby or toddler’s development?

Babies and toddlers have a lot of new skills to learn, so it’s always concerning when a child’s development seems slow or more difficult than would normally be expected. This milestone checklist is a helpful guide for your child’s development and growth.  If you think that your child is not developing at the same pace or in the same way as most children his or her age, you can get in touch with the Early Intervention (Birth to 3) Program and ask for an evaluation –  FREE of charge.  Based on that evaluation, your child and family may be eligible for support from the Early Intervention Program.

For more information on Wisconsin’s Birth to 3 Program, please visit https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/birthto3/family/index.htm

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